Hello friends of RAMP,

When we built our new factory in Park City one of the biggest things we wanted to do was create the most flexibility in manufacturing of any factory in our Industry. We wanted to be able to use any materials in the skis or snowboards and not worry about how the old tooling methods would be affected and also be able to change shapes at will vs. having to make a new mold. In addition we wanted to be able to do graphic batches in any sizes. So these were big goals and a serious departure from what the big companies can do. We were able to accomplish this by implementing our more modern vacuum molding process and our patent pending side-cut invention. Our sublimation process is also unique allowing us to do graphics individually.

So we got this up and running and then started thinking how we could leverage this into new business and opportunities. So this past spring we started thinking we could license skis, snowboards and longboards for Major League Baseball, the NFL and select Colleges. We applied for licenses and with MLB were able to get under way quickly. On our website you'll now see an MLB icon at the top of the home page and every team’s skis now available. Snowboards following as we speak. Guess who the first Team was who ordered them when we reached out? The KC Royals, seems some good mojo went out to them for the playoffs!!!! And the first fan who ordered one from our website is a Giants fan!!! Shops have been ordering them and of course you can imagine in a place like VT where you get a lot of Red Sox and Yankees fans who ski and ride the debate is pretty heated.. We just had the Chicago Cubs and White Sox Skis and Boards on display at the Chicago Show this past weekend and people were really excited about them. I told them buy as many Cubs skis and boards as they can, they really need support and energy to get over that long drought.

We feel like fans love their teams so much and if their team graphic can be on high end award winning skis and boards like RAMP makes the possibilities are endless. I think more than half we sell will end up as art on ski house game room or kids walls or sports bars, you name it. I called some interior decorators who feel this could be amazing for them, they have many clients who would love to decorate this way.

And more recently we signed the deal with the NFL also so we can now get started with making all 32 teams skis, snowboards and longboards. We've also been approved by 5 colleges.

So we are now finding ourselves with enormous opportunities facing us as they can be sold in Stadium Team Stores, MLB and NFL.com, Ski Shops who carry RAMP, Sports Shops who specialize in Team Merchandise and Art Dealers/Decorators for home decorating. Of course we're putting our Art Director Polly under some serious pressure developing all this new product but it seems this will make our business really explode.

Game On.

Mike Kilchenstein, President and CESnow