In an effort to be transparent with our valued customers, we wanted to offer a place for customers to ask our president questions about RAMP skis, snowboards, and now longboards. If you have a question for Mike that you want addressed in his weekly blog, please email [email protected] and include "Ask Mike" in the subject line.

Hi friends of RAMP,

After hearing about our longboard prototyping last summer, people often ask: When are you going to sell longboards?

Well, friends, today is the day.

RAMP is excited to be launching its much anticipated longboard line after over a year of testing and showing product to riders for feedback. A few factors made this project a natural extension of RAMP business—our modern vacuum molding process with ability to make any mold shape combined with very high-end core material—bamboo. Using bamboo and composite layers together makes for a much tougher durable board that can also have a really nice flex.

Several of our factory workers are avid longboarders and one is a very high level park rider, which has made RAMP a skateboard lab over the last year. Our bamboo supplier, Plyboo has also taken a serious interest and helped apply different grain patterns to get the bamboo longboards just right. RAMP also developed a new graphic process that allows us to sublimate the graphics on the bottom bamboo layer and the top non-skid material. They look as great as they ride.

Click here to check out the product page.We hope you're excited as much as we are...

Thanks for listening. Let me know your thoughts. Comment below or email me questions ([email protected]). Be back next week.