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Charley Lodi

Charley Lodi

Communications, Marketing, and Team Manager

Charley has been involved with RAMP since it began in 2009. He has joined the team full-time for the 2014/15 Season. Charley grew up in the ski industry of Northern NH and moved to Park City after 4 years working in television and film production in California for HBO, Sony and other major studios. He continues to produce content and runs a commercial production group that spans a variety of industries.

Charley attended Holderness School, The University of New Hampshire and Harvard University before beginning a career consulting and producing events and film projects around the world.

Charley Rides

Rides Peacepipe

"No one skis just powder, even on a powder day, and this ski is super maneuverable and edges like a dream while making that sketchy traverse or the long cat track home."