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Codi Jordan Band

Codi Jordan Band


Hailing from the Greater Salt Lake Area, the Codi Jordan Band has toured relentlessly across the west, spreading a homegrown mountain-town sound across 12 states and hundreds of stages.

Front man Codi Jordan grew up in the small ski town of Eden, Utah. Codi's parents grew up in Southern California but opted to move to Utah in search of mountains and snow. For Codi, having family in Southern California led to a fascination and love for the southern California lifestyle, the ocean, and the budding reggae/rock/surf/punk scene.

Codi began writing lyrics and composing music at age 12; a few years later he was introduced to the recording studio by a local hip-hop artist who noticed Codi playing and singing at a local house party. Vacation was released in 2008 and was voted local album of the year by Weber State University's local radio station.

Codi quickly enlisted Bass player Cameron Goldsberry, Drummer Jonny Knoder both from Ogden, UT and Lead Guitar Player Mike Lee also from the Eden area. Once the band was complete. a group effort was put forth in the studio. Positivity soon followed in 2011. While honing its surf and snow sound, CJB has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dashboard Confessional, The Dirty Heads, The Neon Trees, The Expendables, Trevor Hall, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and many more.

RAMP wouldn't be the Riders Artists Musicians Project without teammates like the Codi Jordan Band who are as passionate about reggae rock as we are about handmade skis and snowboards.

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