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Ed Robertson

Ed Robertson

Musician, Barenaked Ladies

Robertson is the multi-talented lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the iconic band The Barenaked Ladies, that is best known for their witty lyrics, on stage comedy, improv, and catchy songs like “If I had a $1,000,000” and “One Week.”

Robertson was introduced to RAMP through Red Light Management’s Victor Waryas, an investor in the company.

He was born in October 1970 in the town of Scarborough located in Ontario, Canada. He and Steven Page started The Barenaked Ladies soon after finishing high school; the band achieved a fair amount of success in Canada by 1992 and 1998 that success transitioned into the U.S. as well. The Band recently put out a new album Grinning Streak and went on tour with Ben Folds Five and fellow RAMP musicians Guster.

When not touring with the band, Robertson can be found flying around in a float plane, acting in various movie and TV show roles, collaborating with different artists to help write songs, and of course hitting up the slopes on his RAMP snowboard.

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Ed Rides

Rides Lobstah

"People who don't ride RAMP snowboards, are racists… or rapists, or something like that. They certainly aren't cool!"


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