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Edie Kilchenstein

Edie Kilchenstein


Edie learned to ski in leather lace-up boots, on a J bar in New Hampshire. Over the years, she worked for the men’s World Pro Skiing tour, helped direct FIS and NCAA ski races, co-managed Black Mountain in New Hampshire, and worked in development for the World Disabled Ski Team. She is married to RAMP founder and president Mike Kilchenstein and between them they have seven kids who all love to ski.

At RAMP, Edie is the administrator who is responsible for billing, payroll, consumer-show planning, ordering materials, etc. She does it all. She is also trained in cranial and sacral massage. Edie is known in the factory as the "RAMP mom," and knows how to keep the busy staff calm during the crazy winter. She is also the keeper of Bella, the RAMP security dog, whom she has owned and loved for 9 years.

Edie Rides

Rides Beaver

"You can take the Beaver anywhere—it's totally versatile and really pretty, too."