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Why buy factory direct?

We are changing the rules at RAMP. We believe having amazing U.S. made products sold at affordable pricing is a must. Our business plan is totally different from any other ski and snowboard company out there. We are proud to sell directly from our factory because it allows us to do a few key things: First, we are able spend more money to buy the best quality raw materials available to make our skis and snowboards. Secondly, we can offer our award-winning products at great, if not better than normal pricing. If you would like to check out our products first-hand, we work with a small hand-picked group of resorts shops around the U.S. You can check them out here.

We use a revolutionary patent-pending process that makes use of Earth friendly, U.S. made materials to produce the most technical products on the market. The new process allows for tremendous flexibility giving RAMP the ability to change shapes and designs by adjusting computer DXF files versus making a new mold. This allows for much more innovation and creativity. Many popular skis and snowboards are manufactured by people in Asia making $200 per month, while using less expensive materials with no environmental consideration. At RAMP, we feel certain that Americans would rather buy products using new technology, materials, and processes that offset said cheap labor, and are made by people who love skiing and riding. This year RAMP is building all new adult skis and snowboards in Utah and we're proud of that!

RAMP team


RAMP is the Riders Artists Musicians Project where artists, musicians and athletes come together to create an energetic company that works, lives, and makes skis in the mountains we love to recreate in.



Not only are our skis handmade in the United States, but At RAMP, we are invested in our technology. We have invented a number of new processes in ski manufacturing.

RAMP Sustainability

RAMP Green

We are building our company around the concept of doing the right thing. We made green practices a foundation of the brand from the beginning—an important part of our company’s core values.