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Guster is an Alternative rock band that is known for its great music, live performances, humor and close connection with its fans. The band consists of Ryan Miller, Adam Gardner, Brian Rosenworcel, and Luke Reynolds—all of whom play a large variety of instruments and roles in the band.

Guster started in 1991 while Ryan, Adam, and Brian were attending Tufts University, and by 1995 had their first full-length album titled Parachute. By 1999, with the release of Lost and Gone Forever, Guster hit the mainstream U.S. music scene. Guster has released four successful albums since then, including the latest Guster Live Acoustic which was released early January 2013.

Guster has also been very active in promoting a green lifestyle. In 2004, Adam Gardner and his wife founded an organization called Reverb. Reverb focuses on helping to make touring practices of bands more environmentally friendly while raising awareness about different environmental issues. The band as a whole will tour around the U.S. going to different colleges to help raise awareness and inform students about what they can do to protect our environment. RAMP is part of the Reverb tour thanks to Guster and fellow Reverb friends, the Dave Matthews Band.

Guster likes to frequent the RAMP factory, known to borrow standup paddleboards in the summer to play in the water around the Park City area or just rip some turns on their RAMP skis/snowboards in the winter.

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