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Micah Goddard


Homegrown Park City native, Micah grew up in the mountains and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fly fishing, and snowboarding. He has also acquired a distinct love for gardening and all things that grow.

Micah takes his inspirations from these passions and expresses them through his paintings, drawings, and woodworking. His overall message of love and compassion for all things in nature and the beautiful web that binds us all together is what drives him to create art.

Micah is also a collaborator with Daniel Bell and Jeremy Thomley on the Giant Yeti Project—an effort by RAMP Sports to use its factory ski and snowboard scraps in a positive, community driven, and sustainable way. The 25-foot sculpture lives outside the RAMP factory in Park City, Utah.

Micah Rides

Rides Peacepipe

"The Peacepipe is great in the deep but still handles the crud. It's just great in any condition."


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