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RAMP is proud to be introducing custom award winning National Ski Patrol Skis and Snowboards. Now you can choose any RAMP Ski or Snowboard Model/Structure and have the Custom NSP Graphic including on the base, which serves as a terrain closure sign.

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How to Order

  • Find your ideal RAMP model & size
  • Explore Skis // Explore Snowboards
  • Have your NSP member number on hand to receive the NSP pricing
  • Call 888-406-0567 or email [email protected] to order your ski/board
  • All custom skis/snowboards are made to order. Please allow 60 days for fulfilment.
  • Base graphic

    base graphicRAMP is transforming the way skis, snowboards and long-boards are manufactured. Based in Park City, Utah, we use a revolutionary patented vacuum molding process that utilizes more advanced materials to produce the most high performance skis and boards on the market. At RAMP, we feel certain that consumers would rather buy products built with new technology, high-end materials, clean best practices, and are made by people who love skiing and riding. In the 2015 season, our skis received seven magazine medals!

    RAMP uses the best materials like an FSC All Bamboo core and full layers of Kevlar and Carbon for unsurpassed durability and energy. Bamboo is nearly three times as hard as the normal Poplar or Aspen Cores and it is protected from below by a full Kevlar layer making it very hard for a rock to make an impression beyond the base. Patrollers need rugged equipment and RAMP makes that for you.

    RAMP is not charging a premium for this exciting new equipment; NSP pricing will still apply, just like the in-line RAMP skis and snowboards making them a fantastic value. You can apply the NSP graphic to your choice model and size. RAMP is making these skis and snowboards to order, please allow 60 days for delivery.

    WE are excited to be working with you and thank you for supporting US Manufacturing and US Jobs.