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Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell

Musician, Jane's Addiction

The name Perry Farrell is synonymous with alternative rock in the late ’80s and ’90s. As a frontman for Jane’s Addiction, his songs have become staples on alternative rock radio; he is credited as envisioning and creating Lollapalooza, one of America’s largest music festivals as well as engaging in humanitarian work. When he has time on the road to get to the mountains, his choice for skis/snowboards is RAMP. He was introduced to RAMP through Red Light Management’s Victor Waryas, an investor in the company.

Farrell was born in Queens, NYC, but later moved to the Los Angeles area to surf and play rock and roll. After gigging around a bit he found kindred spirits in Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins. They formed Jane’s Addiction, which fused elements of heavy metal, punk, and psychedelic guitar work.

Together through the late ’80s and early ’90s Jane’s Addiction released three albums: Jane’s Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking, and Ritual de lo Habitual, which received extensive play on radio and MTV. Their iconic album covers, constant touring and blend of musical styles put them on the vanguard of the then burgeoning “alternative music” wave.

In 1991, Jane’s Addiction called it quits. As a final send-off tour Farrell helped organize the Lollapalooza festival, which brought together some of the most innovative alternative music acts in the country and continues to attract top-notch talent and thousands of festival goers today.

After Jane’s Addiction, Farrell fronted the band Porno for Pyros, which released two albums and the number 1 single “Pets.” Porno for Pyros disbanded in 1998. Since then, Jane’s Addiction broke-up and reformed a number of times, the latest version being “The Great Escape Artist,” which toured from 2010-2012.

Throughout his career, Farrell has been an advocate for issues regarding racism, economic justice, and environmentalism in the states and abroad. He has visited the Sudan and met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to address slavery in Sudan and climate change. Farrell has remained an active surfer and snowboarder. His affiliation with RAMP he sees as a natural extension of his love for the sport and sustainable solutions and technology.

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