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Group Programs

At RAMP we believe ski and snowboard groups are a fantastic way to connect with people who share our love for the best equipment and memorable times on the mountains. We offer great programs and deals for members of ski/snowboard clubs and teams, INSTRUCTORS, and PATROL. To apply for our special offers, keep reading....

RAMP is a new ski and snowboard company that is consumer direct and web based. The old rules for buying skis and snowboards are gone. With our direct-to-you way of doing business, you have greater access to our cutting-edge skis and boards, our knowledgeable equipment professionals, and irresistible deals for your members.

In the past when you reached out to ski and snowboard companies to come to your events or offer your members special programs for equipment, you generally heard they couldn't do it. The reps were too busy, and the dealers couldn't agree on a special price program.

At RAMP we work 100% with you, the consumer, and we are reaching out to you because we are interested in finding out about the on-snow events you're planning. Perhaps we can join you there with demo equipment.

We are offering an extremely aggressive deal for our Group Program, and we are excited to invite you in and make you a part of our company.

If you are a professional in the ski/snowboard industry, we welcome you to apply to our Pro Program. We are big supporters of instructors, patrol, guides—the pros working hard in our industry to make it thrive.

If you are part of a club/team, and want to receive a special offer for your group, fill out the form below. You can also e-mail us at , or call us at 888-406-0567 and we can set up our special offer for you and your members.

We are also welcoming you and your members to join us as RAMP Reps. Go here to sign up. Anytime somebody buys equipment and your number is on the order, you earn 10% commission.

Once your group is signed up and has an access code, your members can go to our site and buy at these fantastic prices.

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