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Big Bambooski 2015 (Ski Only)

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$ 599.00
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Fun and versatility in one ski

The twin tip designed to let you have fun in all conditions—powder, groomers, big-mountain steeps, and even off backcountry kickers. This is the most versatile ski in the RAMP lineup and new this season.

Razor Cut
Razor Cut
Bamboo Core
Bamboo Core
Early Rise
Early Rise
Vacuum Molding
Vacuum Molding
TIP-WAIST-TAIL MM 136-105-131 133-105-133 140-105-136
TURN RADIUS M 16.45 17.22 17.4
SPEED RATING 7-10 7-10 7-10

Big Bambooski 2015 (Ski Only)

The Big Bambooski is the ski that does it all. Any skier, regardless of ability, will enjoy the Bambooski for its versatility and playfulness. The 105 mm midfat twin tip makes floating in powder a breeze, and the ski can carve when you want it to (but it doesn't have to). The turned up tail makes navigating big-mountain terrain and trees an added bonus. Where our Groundhog and Beaver is the one-ski quiver leaning toward carving, the Bambooski is your all-mountain play ski. If you want to have fun and ski any type of terrain with confidence, this is your ski.

The Bambooski is made with a FSC certified full bamboo core, so the ride is strong. Even stronger with a Kevlar veil, which adds energy to your turns and dampens vibrations. Our specially designed Razor Cut sidecut provides strong edge grip—straighter where you need cutting power and curved in the right spots for turning.

Customer Reviews


Perfect for both soft snow and hardpack - Curt Schneider

I can't imagine I will ever want to be on another ski. The Big Bambooski is incredible in all situations. It is lively, aggressive but always perfectly balanced and turns with the perfect arc and control. As a big mountain ski, 105 underfoot, you might expect it to perform well in soft snow...what I never expected is that it's also my favorite for high speed edging on hard pack.

When you find a ski that turns as fast as you could wish for, edges high speed hard pack/GS flawlessly with zero chatter, flies through crud and powder...when it springs you into the air out of steep aggressive turns, you clearly are on the RAMP Big Bambooski! There is no better ski!

I've never felt a ski that always has you in the sweet spot. It's like the ski is an extension of my foot—never feel like you are on the tip or tail, always right where the ski turns, grabs and flies.

It feels as if I am always perfectly balanced—through the whole turn. Whether it's high speed GS or quick turns on steeps. The initiation is precise, the turns are round and the exit is powerful and solid. It's equally at home in crud, powder, and hard pack.

The Big Bambooski does everything better than other skis can do one thing. It's the "master of all trades."

The true sign of a great ski is when you ski great on it, and the more you push it the more it gives back. Just incredible. I've never felt more in control or had as much fun as on The Big Bambooski.

Posted on 4/21/14

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Ski Profile

Freestyle Camber
  • Maximum early rise and reverse sidecut in tip and tail
  • Best shape for all mountain powder, crud and park