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We are actively looking for enthusiastic skiers and riders who want to join our team.


Here’s how it works: 


Sign up and get your own personal RAMP Rep account where you can track and manage all your sales and commissions.

You’ll get a personal URL to distribute to your friends and family and to post on your website, blog and Facebook page.


• Tell friends and family to purchase RAMP skis and snowboards using your personal link.


• When we complete an order with your Rep info attached, you get 10% commission on the sale—tax and shipping excluded. Commission checks will be issued monthly.


• To be a Rep and be great at it you need to ride RAMP equipment. Commission payments commence once you’ve bought a pair of skis or snowboard. They ride so well, the stoke factor will make your sales go through the roof!




Here’s what you get:  

• Downloadable cheat sheets with product info and tips for selling. 


• Access to our YouTube channel to brush up on all RAMP info, events, technology and general knowledge. To be part of our Rep Team, we require you to keep your RAMP knowledge up to date with all these videos. The more you know, the more you sell… and the more you earn! What out for the random pop quiz!


• Access to the entire RAMP Team by email or phone when you have questions or suggestions about promoting and selling. We want you to know you're part of our family.


• Invitations to Demo Days and other events whenever we’re in your area.



Think of the network of people you know who ski and ride. When they buy from RAMP using your rep number, they get amazing product and you cash in.

RAMP is easy to sell. If this sounds like the thing for you, sign up now! 

become a rep!