One of the things we get asked about most often is what led to RAMP? How did we decide to launch a new Ski & Snowboard Company doing it this way? The answer comes from watching the industry play out over a long time: seeing how the companies gradually changed their focus from what is really cool, to the consumer and what do they want, to what is the shop person most concerned about, to what can be done to get one more ski or snowboard in the store. It’s easy to see how this happens to companies in an industry over time. In the earlier stages, companies are totally focused on their customer and doing things based on that. Over time, especially if you have a no-snow year or two and business is down a bit, companies start fighting more with each other and worrying about each other, struggling to get the store to buy more. Then the programs get focused on "what can be done to get the shop guy to sell more of our stuff"  ……… And guess who starts to be forgotten?  You, the consumer.

RAMP was created because we felt that if a brand concentrated on the consumer, people would really be into that. We’re inviting the customer in, letting you join us as our reps and earn commission selling for us. You can get our Bro Deal coupon codes on our site and get better value. Our new company model is all about letting you benefit from working with us directly. We feel by doing this you -the consumer- are going to feel more included and a part of our company. We’ve only been live for two months, but so far it appears we were right.

We recognize the importance of working with the best resort shops in the country. We are going to create a network of about 15 of these partners where you can demo our products. We are creating a new way of helping the shop attract customers and get repeat business by providing better commission rates to our reps for sending people their way. We want to make it easy for you to accessour products while at the resorts. The employees at these shops are amazing at providing you what you need.

We are also really excited about our Athlete and Musician connection. One of our Athletes, Ross Powers, thought of the name RAMP: it stands for Riders, Artists and Musician Project. We have several Riders like Ross who are Olympic and or XGames Gold Medalists. Donna Weinbrecht and Picabo Street, along with Dew Tour and US Open Medalist, Jess Cumming. We have several Big Mountain Riders using the Peacepipe like Jeremy Nobis and Brant Moles. My partner Victor Waryas is in the Music Industry and we have a host of musicians who are working with us and are going to be riding our skis and Snowboards this winter. It’s a great collaboration and it gets us involved in a Demo Tour called IZ Style, where we are a part of the EcoVillage. Check our more information under the "Friends" tab on our website.  We are excited to be bringing the Riders and Musicians together through Action Sports.



President and C.E.Snow

Next week I’ll write about RAMP Green