On the ChairHello, this is Kilch, President and CESnow


We are full speed into the prototyping and testing of our processes in order to begin production in July. With so much flexibility built into our new factory, we can test virtually anything because we can make any structure and shape. We have to take a very methodical approach to this so we keep isolating one single variable. 


Our next Mt. Hood Test is going to be June 28-29. At that point, we have to decide which structures are giving the best performance and then focus on that. It’s key to stabilize the process at that point, so we don’t force layers into a specific shape. With the vacuum molding we allow the layers to move according to their thermal characteristics while the ski is in its vacuum bag in the oven. Each material expands with heat at a different rate and then contracts when cooled.


We are going for structures with perfect balance; the layers retreat into the exact shape we are looking for rather than being mashed into a shape like all the companies using press molding are doing. By doing this, it seems like the skis are incredibly versatile with huge sweet spots. I can’t wait for the next test to verify the ideas we are testing on snow.


President and CESnow