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RAMP Buyback Program

RAMP offers a buyback program where we offer anybody who wants to trade in an old ski or board of any brand and give them $50 in RAMP credit. 


We will do one of three things with the old product:

• If the old product is in usable condition, it will be donated to a youth program for kids to use.


• If it’s too far gone, it will be made into furniture, sold and the proceeds will go to our offset programs. 


• If it’s really too far gone we will recycle it using SIA’s recycling equipment.  As you know, skis and boards last a LONG time in landfills. By disposing of them properly their components can be reused.  


Contact customer service at (888) 406-0567 to get started!

Only one buyback credit ($50) can be applied to each order; not valid during promotions.