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Mike Kilchenstein, President & CESnow

MikeMike Kilchenstein, President & CESnow

Mike is a 32-year-industry veteran having worked for the world’s largest ski brand, Rossignol, in the capacity of production worker, quality control technician, promotional rep in the Eastern and Western United States, sales representative and Eastern region sales manager. In that time Mike has managed sales, the warehouse, customer service, repair-service center and prepared the company’s sales forecasts and financial plan based on these forecasts. Most recently Mike has been Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Roxy Alpine Division.

For RAMP, Mike is a founder of the company. He wanted to bring a better consumer experience to ski manufacturing, by starting a direct-to-consumer business with the sole goal of offering customers face-to-face interaction and inclusive relations when it comes to purchasing skis and snowboards. Since the opening of the new U.S. factory in May 2012 in Park City, Utah, Mike and "Snow Wizard" Christian Alary have been the brainchildren of astounding new technology in ski manufacturing, which consists of vacuum molding and a patent-pending process that will change how skis are developed from here on out. As President and CESnow he has been guiding the development of the graphics, website, finance and logistics strategies.