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Park Rat
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Park Rat Base

Park Rat


Type: Expert / Park & Pipe
Traditional Camber
Sidecut: 29.7-25-29.7mm
145cm, 150cm, 156cm, 159cm
Speed Range: 5-10

A creature of habit. Spending time in the pipe and park is the habit. You come out day or night hoping to go bigger and bigger, and this board will offer a way to progress with style. Symmetrical and strong with traditional camber for max pop. If you’re going to survive, you need the most board for the money.

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Park Rat Description

The Pop Camber is the best for launching big air in the pipe or park. With this shape you also get max carving when riding the mountain at speed. A wood-core sandwich, sidewall construction creates a lively feel with rebound and energy and makes the Park Rat highly durable. Handmade in Taiwan 2012/13.

All around great symmetrical park board by Alan Taylor
One word for this board is FUN. This board is great for attacking anything in the park, from jumps to rails, but also is great for just cruisin' around the mountain with your friends. The symmetrical shape makes it easy to hit anything regular or switch. The park rat is loose enough to hold solid presses through rails, but tough enough to jump well too. Also, the traditional camber gives it a solid pop that reverse or any other new camber just can't match. All in all, the symmetrical shape and traditional camber make this board a great ride in and out of the park. (Posted on 1/25/13)
Awesome edging and pop: all around great board by Rakai
Stoked on this board. The Park Rat is so stiff but also an awesome board for messing around on rails. The edge holds so well off off jumps and in the pipe. Pop is a big thing that determines if a board is good or not and this board definitely has pop. The Park Rat is an all around great board. (Posted on 1/7/13)

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