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Pro / Patrol Program

RAMP is a new Ski and Snowboard Company that is consumer direct and web based. The old rules for buying skis and snowboards are gone. With our direct-to-you way of doing business, you have greater access to our cutting-edge skis and boards, our knowledgeable equipment professionals and irresistible deals for your Patrollers.


At RAMP we work 100% with you and the consumer, and we see Ski & Snowboard Patrols as a fantastic way to reach groups of people who share our love for the best equipment and great times on the mountains.


We are offering an extremely aggressive deal for our Pro / Patrol Program, please sign up below to get more information.


To start taking advantage of this deal, create an account for your Ski & Snowboard Patrol by choosing one of these options:

1)     Fill out form below.

2)     E-mail us at and we’ll help you get all set up.

3)     Call us at 888.406.0567 so we can set up our special offer for your Patrol.


Once your Ski & Snowboard Patrol is signed up and has an access number, your patrollers can go to our site armed with this number and buy at these fantastic prices.


Welcome to RAMP!

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