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RAMP is donating a Ski and a Snowboard Package "Guster and Jack's Mannequin Give Back" program. To win, be sure to nominate your favorite non-profit here.

We are really excited to be involved in such a great program that share our ideas and feeling of being environmentally responsible. We have three main ways of giving back and reducing our carbon footprint.

1] Buyback Program

RAMP offers a buyback program where we offer anybody who wants to trade in an old ski or board of any brand and give them $50 in RAMP credit. Read more here.


2] Shipping in a Reusable Padded ski/board bag

At no added cost, we ship all our skis and snowboard in a reusable padded ski/board bag. This way we are eliminating large cardboard boxes.


3] Donate Money for every ski and/or snowboard sold!

For every ski and snowboard sold, we donate money to NativeEnergy to help fight golbal warming and support clean energy. We think it is important to try and reduce our Carbon footprint by donating money as an offset.