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Cork 2013
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Cork Base Tyrolia Peak 15 Tyrolia Peak 12 Tyrolai Peak 12 Trevor Jackson getting some POV on the Cork's!

Cork 2013


Type: Twin Tip Park and Pipe
: 116-85-112
Sizes: 141cm, 151cm, 161cm, 171cm, 176cm, 181cm
Average Weight: 7.4 lbs
Speed Range: 6-10
Radius: 17m

Conquer a corkscrew—or whatever freestyle trick the heart desires—and fly high with the Cork, a bona fide ride for the park and pipe high-flyer. Boost grip on take offs and hold strong on icy pipe walls with RAMP’s exclusive Razor Cut sidecut. The Cork will slay the variable pipe conditions—every time.

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Cork 2013 Description

The Cork has a new Freestyle Camberthat has early rise and reverse sidecut in both the tip and tail. The Razor Cut sidecut makes this freestyle ski much stronger on hard snow—boosting grip on take offs and holding strong on icy pip walls. The full vertical bamboo core makes the ski feel more rock solid and energetic than any other construction. Speed Range:  6-10

RAMP Sports uses an innovative new way to print graphics directly onto the raw wood material. This was an "impossibility" according to product experts. We invented a process to prove them wrong, and in turn, our top sheets look painted, like fine artwork. Each print is slightly different in color and dimension from the other, meaning you get a genuine handmade gem. We stand behind our graphic sublimation process. Our "Love It or Leave It" warranty is there for your satisfaction, and we are confident you'll love your new, unique handmade-in-America ski. Enjoy.

Not just a park & pipe ski by Larry Ahearn
I ski about 20 to 30 days a year and initially never heard of RAMP skis. I was first attracted to them because they were USA made, specifically in Park City, Utah. After asking around and looking on some of the online reviews, I got a pair. They handle well on East Coast powder and icy slopes. They grip and carve nicely. I like to fact that they are light compared to what I normally ski and have held up well. They are kind of old school in the manufacturing process but not in design. I ski on everything from parks, steeps, and easy. They pretty much do it all. I look forward to trying them in heavy powder. Over all, I like them and consider them an all-around ski not just for Park & Pipe. (Posted on 2/20/13)
It doesn't get much better than the RAMP Cork by Chris Dakoulas
Honestly, I'm fairly picky when it comes to my skis, and equipment in general. I am also known to be very hard on skis, usually resulting in them being destroyed. The Cork is one of the truest skis out to date. What they say is indeed true, these things are bullet proof! From shredding the park, to hitting rails in the streets, they hold it down better than any other ski i have been on. They hold very strong on carves when I'm cruising the groomers, and carving off jumps. There is no chatter under foot which keeps the ski super stable, and responsive. They are very fun and snappy on rails allowing for more control and speedy switch ups, which any park skier can appreciate. When it comes to jumps, there is no other. The Cork is extremely poppy, and very fast making it the ideal jump ski. It stays stable on the biggest jumps out there, and has the perfect swing weight for when you want to get your spin on! One of my favorite aspects of the skis is the early rise tip and tail. That keeps it catch free so that when I'm spinning switch on jumps the concern of catching my tips is non existent. The early rise even makes it a fun ski in a couple inches of fresh snow. The early rise with camber combo is untouchable, it truly provides for a fun ride forwards and backwards, and kills it in the park! Plus, they are made right here in the USA! It does't get much better than the RAMP Cork. (Posted on 2/6/13)
Cork 2013 by Colby Smith
The Cork ski is very stable and easy to ski. It is very easy to pop with the ski on. The Corks are not too heavy and are really fast. They slide very well on the rails and can take heavy landings and handle big jumps well. The Corks are a great ski! Well done! (Posted on 1/29/13)
19 days of skiing and counting by Danny McDonald
This ski is uncanny. The edges set well on the takeoff and butter through the occasional over rotated landings. The pop is smooth and explosive all at the same time, and the landings are even better, the flex starts soft and progressively stiffens until your back on the ground, allowing for more speed to be carried to the next jump. If you're a park rider or want a fun, purpose built ski to hit jumps with ease this is it! (Posted on 1/29/13)
My favorite ski by Mike Van Ert
These have quickly become my favorite ski. Love how springy they are in the tips & tails and the edgehold is incredible. Just as fun in the air as they are on snow too. Plus, I'm pretty sure I have the only pair in North Dakota. (Posted on 1/15/13)
Man's best friend by Trevor Jackson
The RAMP Cork is man's best friend in the park. Seriously. Somehow, RAMP has figured out a way to bottle the spirit and energy of our lovable, furry friends and place it in the heart of a park ski.* The energy, response and durability of the Cork is comparable to that of a family's beloved golden retriever.

*(puppy-love-power patent pending, no animals were harmed)

Although light, energetic and snappy for quick jib and butter maneuvers, the cork holds its own on the jumps. RAMP has found a very desirable level of stiffness for hard-charging slope or pipe skiers that like to get down on butters and jibs from time to time. I took a trick really far down the landing on the last jump in the Pic n' Shovel line, and the cork helped me stomp with ease and authority. I'm more of a jump guy in the park, and I have been very pleased with this ski's performance on hard-packed, unforgiving landings.

Although a park specific ski, the Cork's sturdiness and early rise in the tip and tail enable it to take care of changing conditions outside of the park. My first day testing the skis was actually a classic Utah powder day. After growing up shredding pow on park skis, I was a bit surprised and energized by the Cork's performance in the deep stuff and the chopped up crud. It proved to me it could handle everything from tight trees off Jupiter lift, to wide open and deep turns off Pioneer ridge. The early rise enables the ski to be a one quiver ski for shredding the entire mountain, which opens up a lot of doors for many skiers.

Bottom line the Cork is best described by a single word, FUN! The skis deliver on the jumps, in the pipe, on the rails, in the trees and the late day crud. The Cork is truly an all mountain shredder's best friend that delivers a good time no matter the conditions. (Posted on 1/10/13)
2013 RAMP Cork by Sam Gnoza
This is a great ski. It is wide in the tip and tail giving it extra stability on jumps and the rocker helps to make butters easy. It is nice and soft for playing around in the park, but they still hold up really well on groomers and un-groomed terrain. Wide enough to handle some fresh powder, but still perfect for shredding the park, this ski is my go to for all types of conditions and terrain. I look forward to new and great products to come out of the new RAMP factory in Utah. (Posted on 1/8/13)
Good for everything by Alec
This ski is a super fun poppy ski. It has sharp edges for the pipe and it is still really good for park and everything else. The skis early rise makes it good for more than just park. I have now had these skis for about two months and I have not found one thing to dislike these skis are light, responsive and the unique bamboo core makes it perfect flex and gives the ski a lot of pop to it. I am loving these skis and would highly recommend them. (Posted on 1/3/13)
The 2012-13 Cork by Charles Gagnier
The new Cork is the perfect east coast all-around ski. It carves well on groomed slopes; it is wide enough when there's new snow; the tip is big; and the early rise helps to ski through the powder. It is real good in the park as well. It is a lot of fun to slide the rails and jump on the Corks. The ski is solid and will last longer than the previous Cork. It is also really nice to have a ski that is made in the USA. On another note, I feel like the ski is heavier than the previous cork and I'm surprised that I might be better on a 176 ski than my typical 181. Like most RAMP skis, the Cork also skis "long," therefore downsizing in length isn't a bad idea. —Charles Gagnier, Canadian National Freestyle Team (Posted on 1/2/13)
The new made in the U.S.A Cork by James Campbell
The new Cork that RAMP have constructed is a huge improvement from last year. The feel of the ski is very sturdy which makes it great for carving on groomers, but the early rise in the tip and tail makes them float in the powder. The new bamboo core is not too soft making for a great spring to the ski and not too stiff so you can still have some fun buttering in the park. I love this ski in the park. The flex, shape, and weight are great for rails. I think they make tricks quick and snappy. The more you use the ski, the better it gets. The bamboo core starts to break in making it just a little more soft each day. They have a nice fat tail and nose making them easy to grab and tweak. I have been riding these skis for about 4 weeks now and still have not noticed any delamination and not a single broken edge. Now that the factory is based in Utah instead of Taiwan the materials are much stronger. —James Campbell, pro park skier (Posted on 1/2/13)
First reaction on the Cork by Trevor Jackson
I was blown away by how fun these skis are! Light, responsive, playful yet sturdy and solid through all conditions. The early rise in the tip and tail allow it to shred the crud and pow out of the park better than other traditional park skis. I can't wait to try them in the park tomorrow as well! Well done on the Cork! (Posted on 12/28/12)

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