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Snowboard Technical Information

Unisex and Women’s Product:

At RAMP we enhance performance and usability for the size and strength of each rider by developing specific flexes and characteristics for each size ski and board. 

The old model for creating women-specific skis and snowboards was tweaking men’s equipment with features like more forward ramp angles and binding positions. In reality these features are for skiers with less athletic ability and skill. At RAMP, we’re breaking the mold by creating skis and boards designed to fit your ability and size. Women who are athletic and strong want the same high-performance equipment men want. That being said, RAMP delivers unmatched women-specific models. A girl needs to be able to express herself! 


Camber for Snowboards:

Some shapes provide better performance for very specific uses and others provide greater versatility and easier use. Traditional camber provides the max pop and rebound off jumps. The most versatile shape we tested by far has early rise in the nose and tail with a flat zero camber in the mid body.  This shape makes for a truly one-board quiver when matched with the right performance level construction. We make boards with traditional camber for riders who love to go big when they ride in the pipe and off jumps without sacrificing stability when ripping fast turns.


1) One Board Quiver Camber

•  Has early rise in nose and tail with flat mid-body

•  Used on Tumbleweed, Sagebrush, Prickly Pear, Gravy Train, Prairie Schooner and Tumbleweed Kid


2) Pop Camber

•  Traditional shape for the most rebound you can get

•  Used on the Lobstah, Mussel, Oyster and Tater Tot


Speed Ranges:

At RAMP we build skis and boards with flexes made specifically for the speed and athletic ability of each rider. Think of speed on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being an easy cruise and 10 being smoking fast. We’ve assigned a speed ranking to each ski and board to help you pick the one that’s just your speed.


At RAMP we’re committed to using the most high performance and durable construction available – a wood-core sandwich with vertical sidewalls. Our skis and boards have the energy and lively feel provided by a wood core, the edge grip provided by a substantial sidewall molded above the edges and the durability to bring you through many tough runs. Of course we make modifications to the core profiles and layouts to specifically match the flex and characteristics of each skier and rider.

We’re also committed to producing our high-performance products with as little impact as possible on the environment. We source wood from renewable forests, and we use soy-based wax and citrus-based emulsions in our milling and finishing processes.