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River Fins

C4 CMAC River Fin


This fin set is very flexible, so on a river when you are moving fast in the current and hit rocks, it bends but doesn’t break. It is also very economical at only $20 so you don’t mind them taking a beating.

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C4 CMAC River Fin Description

C4 Ambassador Charlie MacArthur is a year-round instructor in many mountain sports, so he’s C4’s go-to guy for all things mauka. CMac designed these low-aspect polypropylene fins for paddling environments prone to submerged rocks, snags, or shallow sandbars or reefs. Hit something unexpectedly? Don’t rip out your fin box or mangle epensive fiberglass fins - upon impact these super-bright-colored lightweight plastic CMacs fins are designed to pull out of the fin plugs and float.

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