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C4 Leash 11'

$ 20.00
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C4 Leash 11'

Select this 11' leash with the Trekker and the BK Pro 10'11" to to keep you connected to your board.

The innovative C4 SUP Racing Leash is the most efficient, drag-free leash on the planet. Designed by the crack C4 race team, the SUP Racing leash consists of two separate cord components, beginning with 4 feet of 5.5 millimeter two-tone urethane cord joined to the ankle strap to keep the leash from tangling around your feet, and then 6 feet of No-Drag 1/8 inch nylon string connected to the detachable triple-wrap rail saver. Why pull a garden hose through the water when you are straining to pull ahead of the pack?

With custom molded fittings and dual stainless swivels, the C4 SUP Racing Leash is a pro-grade accessory, but also the perfect solution for the recreational paddler seeking a low-drag leash for the lake.

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