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C4 iSUP Trekker 12'6"

$ 1,300.00
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Shape: 12'6 x 31.5 x 4.0. 26lbs. 198L

Fin: Stock Fin / Cuttlefish Box

The C4 Trekker is an amazing board for running rivers and long distance rides. It’s super sleek shape makes it very slippery through the water and maneuverable. For a 12’6” board it is amazingly light. When a normal glass board brushes a rock it gets a bad ding, but with the Rigid AirCore construction you won’t even see this same impact. This board is for riders up to 240 lbs.

Special: Order a SUP setup, and get a FREE Camaro 2mm wetsuit!

C4 iSUP Trekker 12'6"

Included: paddleboard & travel bag only
—Suggested leash: 11"
—Paddles: choose the 3 Piece Paddle for travel, or choose the Carbon Paddle for the highest performance
—Stock fins are included, and an upgrade option is also available: Stock fins will get you where you want to go. The G8 Green Flex Thruster Fin is a high-performance upgrade for the best surfing and long distance tracking.

This is one of the most exciting SUP models on the market today, C4 Waterman's third generation 12'6" Rigid AirCore inflatable board. The iTrekker adds to all the features that made C4 Waterman's River Runner the fastest board on the river at the TEVA Mountain Games in 2010 and 2011. This 12'6" has been widened an inch and a half and the hips have been pulled back for rider stability. Whether taking on elite whitewater races or taking an adventure on your local waterway, the iTrekker will be the finest companion. Skill Range: Beginner to advanced. This board is for riders up to 240 lbs.

C4 Rigid AirCore Technology
No other SUP can hit rocks in a river, coral in the surf, or gravel in a parking lot and remain unscathed. No other high-performance SUP deflates, goes into a backpack with all its components, and can travel as luggage on a plane.

C4 Waterman iSUPs also have an additional unique feature. The textured finish makes the boards more slippery through the water, providing better glide. This effect with paddleboards is similar to the effect of a stoneground texture on the base of a ski or a snowboard—breaking suction between the water or snow and the surface of the base. This, combined with their lighter weight, makes them easier to paddle in all conditions.

Special: Order a SUP setup, and get a FREE Camaro 2mm wetsuit!
Simply add your desired size wetsuit to your cart after adding your choice SUP, and the price will be automatically adjusted.

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