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Zander Walby

Zander Walby

Quality Control

Zander is the man in charge of the finishing room (aka “the Man Cave"). If Zander doesn’t give the ski or board the final OK, it gets sent back to the boys. He’s a perfectionist, and should be, as the Quality Control at RAMP.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, he came out to Park City to ski after getting two bachelor degrees, one in economics and the other in finance. Zander has construction and woodworking experience (which helps him catch the finer details) as well as tons of skiing experience that he uses every day while putting the final touches on the skis and boards.

Zander enjoys touring with his renown telemark athlete wife, Sarah Clemensen, and kids Bergen and Odin when he’s not tearing it up at the nearby resorts.

He likes his job at RAMP because he enjoys making people happy with the product that he has worked so hard to perfect. Zander guarantees you won’t be getting a subpar ski with him in control.

Zander Rides

Rides Groundhog

"Love the versatility, some people say the Groundhog rocks even harder than Def Leppard."