In an effort to be transparent with our valued customers, we wanted to offer a place for customers to ask our president questions about RAMP skis, snowboards, and longboards. If you have a question for Mike that you want addressed in his weekly blog, please email [email protected] and include "Ask Mike" in the subject line.

Hi friends of RAMP,

We are getting asked about when the new 14-15 products will go live on our website. Well, it's live! The new skis were entered in several magazine tests last spring, and we can't wait for the gear guides to come out because we won seven awards, including at least two major awards. I personally think our Creative Director Polly Hopkins did by far her best job on the new graphics—they look amazing.

One thing I am so excited about is how we have moved our time table ahead; we opened our new factory two years ago. In the first season we were trying to get our new patent-pending process dialed and we really struggled to make enough skis. We were making them very slowly then and were always backordered, generally in the 140 pair type range—never caught up. This time last year we were getting really good at making skis and we introduced the snowboard production, again a major challenge to get them dialed and being made at the very high level our athletes and customers wanted.

Since about February the factory has really been firing on all cylinders; we are already about 60% produced on our skis and well into longboards, with snowboard production starting in early August. We already are underway with light touring skis for a French Company, finishing development on some cool new products like kite snowboards, and bike skis. And what is most pleasing to me is how we've made and tested several generations of 15-16 product and will test them again at Mt. Hood over Labor Day weekend.

So, feast your eyes on what's new at I'm enjoying summer too much to say can't wait until winter, but when it gets here I'll be psyched.

Thanks for listening. Let me know your thoughts. Comment below or email me questions ([email protected]). Be back in two weeks (we're insisting on a 2 week vacation for our staff).

Mike Kilchenstein, CESnow