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What does RAMP stand for and why?
RAMP is the Riders Artists Musicians Project where artists, musicians and athletes come together to create an energetic company that works, lives, and makes skis in the mountains we love to recreate in. READ MORE

Where are RAMP skis/ snowboards made?
Now handmade in the U.S., RAMP Sports is transforming the way skis are manufactured. In May 2012, RAMP opened a 10,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Park City, Utah. READ MORE

What percentage of materials are sourced in the U.S.A.?
Our adult ski and snowboard line is made in Utah. We are proud of that. Regarding materials, we will always chose to source our materials from the U.S.A. when possible unless there is better quality elsewhere. For example, we use edges from Austria as they are the best. Please don't hesitate to call (888-406-0567) or email ([email protected]) if you have questions regarding our products.

What is the Love It or Leave it Guarantee?
RAMP guarantees you will love your new ski or snowboard. If you are not satisfied with your new ride after using it for up to 3 days, return your skis or snowboard to us and we will replace it with a new RAMP ski or board of your choice. RAMP will provide you with a prepaid FedEx shipping label. Since we ship your skis or snowboard in a durable padded bag, it's easy to just put them back in the bag, attach the label, and ship! Hassle free. READ MORE

Do you ship internationally?
We do to many countries across the globe. We have made it convenient for our international friends with a competitive pricing structure. Check it out HERE.

How do I become a rep?
We are actively looking for enthusiastic skiers and riders who want to join our team. Want to earn a 10% commission on every ski or snowboard sale, sign up and get your own personal RAMP Rep account where you can track and manage all your sales and commissions. READ MORE

What is the Pro Program?
Are you a pro (PSIA, NSP, even industry/resort professionals, guides, etc.) who work hard to teach others and keep them save on the hill. We appreciate hardworking outdoor professionals and offer pro pricing to those who keep our industry thriving. Apply to have access to our pro shopping site HERE

What is the Club/Team Program
At RAMP we believe ski and snowboard groups are a fantastic way to connect with people who share our love for the best equipment and awesome times on the mountains. We offer great programs and deals for members of ski/snowboard clubs and teams. READ MORE

How do I find out where to demo RAMP skis/boards?
Come ride with us! If you're in Park City, head over to our factory where we send out complimentary demos daily to anyone interested in RAMP products. Demos are by appointment, so call (888-406-0567) or email ([email protected]) us to make sure you get the ski or snowboard you want to try! And check out our demo & event schedule HERE

Does RAMP have an intern program?
Yes! We accept interns. RAMP does not have paid internships, however, we guarantee that a student will come away with priceless knowledge of how a startup operates, plus receive school credit if needed. For more information, click HERE

How do I get RAMP stickers?
Just send us a pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope and we would be happy to fill it up with some stickers. Then it's just up to you as to where you want to stick 'em! READ MORE

How do I learn about different promotions/discounts at RAMP?
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, or visit our website often to get current promotions.

How do I get sponsored by RAMP?
Email a cover letter, resume, photos/video clips to Team Manager Vanessa Pierce at [email protected] READ THIS before clicking "send" on your email.

How do I get employed by RAMP?
Email a cover letter and resume to [email protected]

Why is RAMP unique? Why should I buy RAMP?
If we have to boil it down, this is why… 1. Made in the USA 2. Vacuum molding 3. Patent-pending technology that offers rapid prototyping 4. FSC certified full vertical bamboo cores 5. Kevlar veil in nearly entire ski/snowboard line 6. Very sustainable practices READ MORE

What is our connection with artists and musicians?
RAMP has put together a unique collaboration of artists and musicians who have a lot of respect and admiration for what we do. We are affiliated with those who feel strongly about the way we are running our company. And we are bringing a new level of responsibility to Action Sports sales and manufacturing so they like to throw their name behind us and show their support. READ MORE