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Christian Alary

Christian Alary

Product Manager

Christian Alary, aka the "Wonderful Wizard of RAMP" holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious INSA in Lyon, France. He has 12 years hands-on experience designing skis and snowboards, leading the new technology projects for the largest company in the industry, Rossignol.

He holds many inventions, seven patents, and is incredibly creative. Many of the groundbreaking new technological breakthroughs at RAMP are the result of his new ideas, one of which is RAMP's patent-pending vacuum-molding process. Christian brought this technology, currently used extensively in aerospace, to ski production. RAMP now has the ability to change side-cut shapes without having to make a new mold (major breakthrough) and a new graphic application process. Very few people have his practical experience in materials application and engineering specific to the snow sports industry.

Christian Rides

Rides Peacepipe

"The Peacepipe is fat yet still carves like no other, and it was the first ski Mike [Kilchenstein] and I made here at RAMP."