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RAMP Green



At RAMP we are building our company around the concept of doing the right thing. We’re making green practices a foundation of the brand right from the start. This is an important part of our company’s core values. It’s important to our employees, athletes, musicians, and customers. Check out these key initiatives:





travel bagsReusable ski and snowboard bags
RAMP is eliminating the need for thousands of shipping boxes by mailing customers’ gear in reusable padded ski or snowboard bags. Each bag is valued at $100, but we are providing them for free to help spread the word about being green. This allows us to keep traditional shipping boxes out of the landfills and gives the consumer something special as an added value.

buybackBuyback Program

Skis and snowboards are designed to last a long time when exposed to the elements, which means that when they end up in a landfill they stay there. At RAMP, we have found a creative way to help prevent this gear from ending up in the trash by giving people a $50 credit towards new gear when they trade in any old skis or boards. When the gear we receive is in good condition, we donate the equipment to junior programs or adaptive programs. When the skis and boards are no longer safe for use, it is made into furniture. The proceeds from the sale of the furniture become a donation to NativeEnergy to help with our carbon offset.

Blue Sky Project

Blue Sky Clean Energy
RAMP purchases energy from Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky project. Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky Block renewable energy program is a renewable energy certificate (REC) product. A REC is created when a megawatt-hour (Mwh) of renewable electricity (generated by 100% wind) is produced and delivered to the grid. The purchase of RECs supports renewable electricity generation, which helps reduce conventional electricity generation in the region where the renewable generator is located. Carrying forward our partnership into summer 2012 with Blue Sky, our current clean energy increased to the “champion” level. Meaning that we are now meeting a minimum of 10% of renewable energy each month to reduce our electricity use.

anemometerAnemometer Loan Program 
RAMP has been selected to participate in a wind resources assessment from the Salt Lake Community College Anemometer Loan Program. This will analyze the wind in our area to confirm the sufficiency to power our factory. Based on what is determined, we will decide whether to move forward and purchase a windmill to power the factory. This will benefit our economy and quality of life by utilizing renewable energy sources for the future of energy saving solutions.

plybooStandard Plyboo® Bamboo Plywood
At RAMP, we are prideful about using environmentally friendly U.S. materials in our skis. We use the Smith & Fong’s Standard Plyboo sustainable forestry bamboo as the core of our skis. The bamboo has little to no fertilizers or pesticides, and is four times harder than poplar wood—the most common wood used in skis and snowboards. The San Francisco, CA based company is also reducing the carbon footprint by cutting out the costs and environmental impact by importing from Asia and, rather, manufacturing using FSC Certified Best Practices in America.

pine resin epoxyEntropy vs. Petrochemicals
Optimizing performance and cost for eco resins has replaced petroleum-based chemicals in our factory. The bio-based renewable feedstock is decreasing the environmental impact on resins through pine and vegetable oil elements—all originating from the waste stream of bio-fuel processing. This continuation to improve a carbon footprint is safer and healthier for a lasting greener epoxy product, trickling down to the most important candidate of all, our customers.  


ReverbReverb EcoVillage and carbon offset program
RAMP has partnered with Reverb to help promote green efforts through music. Reverb works to green the music industry and motivate fans to adopt green practices by setting up EcoVillages at music events including the Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Guster and others. They offer recycling outlets, fuel band touring trucks with biodiesel engines, provide local and organic foods, and promote carbon offset programs in addition to other initiatives. RAMP is supporting these efforts by donating gear directly to Reverb to use as prizes and incentives for fans to take environmental action.

NativeEnergyNativeEnergy - Carbon Offset Donations 
Together with other businesses and individuals, our offset purchase is helping build the Iowa Farms Wind Project in the midwestern U.S. In Mason City region, Iowa, local farmers Ruth and Ken Benjegerdes, among others, want to see wind powered energy replace coal powered energy on the grid. The construction of the wind farm on their property will reduce approximately 4,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year. RAMPs green efforts were recently highlighted in the NativeEnergy Blog.

Iowa Wind FarmNativeEnergy - Iowa Wind Farm   
To reduce our CO2 footprint, for every ski and snowboard we sell, RAMP makes a donation worth 300 pounds of carbon offsets to NativeEnergy. So far, we are offsetting 46 tons of CO2. This is equivalent to taking eight passenger vehicles off the road for a year, or preventing half an acre of mature woodland from being deforested. We will continue to offset greenhouse gas pollution with every new RAMP purchase. Click here to check out more about what the Benjegerdes family is accomplishing.



RAMP water bottlesReusable RAMP water bottles 
RAMP is now offering reusable, BPA free, stainless steel green water bottles on the RAMP site. Each bottle sold will buy roughly 300 pounds of carbon offsets, and will help to reduce the approximately 2.4 million tons of plastic single-use water bottles going into landfills annually.