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"Mike Kilchenstein has assembled a great group of people working on and at RAMP. I love the modern and eco approach that I'm so psyched to be representing.” 

—Donna Weinbrecht, National, World, World Cup and Olympic Champion


“The Lobstah board rips and is a great all around snowboard. It holds a good edge carving and riding up the walls of the halfpipe. It also has a solid feel which helps with landings of jumps. Whatever the conditions are, this board can hang. I ride this RAMP board the most.” 

“The Tumbleweed board is similar to the Lobstah and is a great all around board. With the early rise tip and tail it makes it less work when the snow is deep. My favorite place to ride this board is in powder, but it rides very well in all terrain.”

—Ross Powers, National, World, World Cup and Olympic Champion


"My name is Adam Battersby and I am a freeskier based out of Salt Lake City, UT. The first thing I must say about these skis is: Don't be afraid of to try them because RAMP is a new brand. I know most people think because a new ski company starts off small it has little room to make good quality skis. For RARMP, this is in fact the complete opposite. For me, I was a bit skeptical at first but the second I slapped the Peacepipes on my feet it totally changed my outlook on new brands. These skis are build to last and they handle better than the competition."

—Adam Battersby, big-mountain skier


"I love my RAMP board more than it's acceptable to love an inanimate object."
—Ed Robertson, Barenaked Ladies 


"Given a choice between a unicorn, the space shuttle and a RAMP Prickly Pear snowboard, I'd choose the Prickly Pear EVERY SINGLE TIME.*

(*unless the unicorn is also a time machine. in that case, it's a tie between the time-traveling unicorn and the Prickly Pear.)"
—Ryan Miller, Guster


"I am the only boarder in the band I chose the Mussel because it is stiff but also very responsive. We are so stoked to work with RAMP —they are about a lifestyle—and have developed technology that is not found in any other ski and snowbard company!"
—Codi Jordan, The Codi Jordan Band, Lead Vocals, Guitar


"When I first heard of RAMP a few years ago, I was most excited about their commitment to the environmenAt, building quality products, and giving the consumer a good price for their products! I have the Groundhog and Peacepipe, I love both of these skis. The Groundhog is the best all-mountain ski I have ever owned and I grew up riding VOLKL and ATOMIC. They are so responsive. The Peacepipes are amazing in the deep pow and make me feel like a much better skier than I really am.
—Cameron Goldsberry, The Codi Jordan Band, Bass