Team RAMPHello, this is Kilch, President and CESnow. 

Friends of RAMP, what a wild fall-winter we’ve had here. Since opening our new factory we’ve been in a sold out situation. This is both good and bad. The good news is that the skis are already sold before they are even made. The bad news is people have to wait, big time pressure on our people, a mad scramble to get our new skis made. We added four more production workers so we could increase the output but still couldn’t keep up. The made in the USA and our green processes and programs are a major driving force but none of that would matter if people weren’t totally excited about how they ski—and they are. We’ve been doing a lot of consumer demos out of our Eastern and Western Demo Trucks and out of the Factory.

The feedback from a performance standpoint has been fantastic. There have even been articles written about how strong and rugged the new construction is against rock impact. We’ve been working on constant improvements in cosmetic durability as well. We feel that structurally with our vacuum molding process, bamboo cores and sidewalls, Kevlar laminates that tie the edges together we have unsurpassed strength and reliability. We have been fine tuning the finishing of the sidewall tapers, top edge rounding, even stronger top adhesion so that in the never ending battle of metal bottom edges against plastic tops the tops have the best possible protection. We are very excited about what we’ve accomplished in such a short time and are always working on moving the technology forward. It helps that we have a patent pending invention that lets us change sidecuts, widths and shapes so we can be the most innovative with this flexibility. This is a big advantage. With vacuum molding we have unlimited options as far as materials andas well. Stay tuned for more developments and come to RAMP or a demo we are doing for a free test.

Kilch President and CESnow

P.S. We were just featured on SKI magazine online with a photo gallery of our ski-making process. Check it out.