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Frenzy 2013
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Frenzy 2013


Type: Expert Frontside Carving
Sidecut: 126-80-110
Sizes: 149cm, 159cm, 169cm, 179cm
Average Weight: 6.8 lbs
Speed Range: 7-10
Radius: 14.9

Don’t fight the frenzy. The mere mention of virgin corduroy or icy hardpack makes this skier hot and bothered with wild excitment. Take a fast-paced ride down the hill, or show off the perfect arc. This isn’t a kiddie ride, it’s a roller coaster—a speedy adventure for the racer at heart. 

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**Business is booming!  Skis made upon purchase.  Shipping estimate 2 weeks.**

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Frenzy 2013 Description

The most modern version of this ski is wider and at 80mm under foot it’s rock solid, stable, grippy and even handles softer snow when you’re in it. The traditional camber is designed for hard-snow, high-speed hookup. The Razor Cut sidecut gives this carving ski the best possible edge grip on the hardest snow.

RAMP Sports uses an innovative new way to print graphics directly onto the raw wood material. This was an "impossibility" according to product experts. We invented a process to prove them wrong, and in turn, our top sheets look painted, like fine artwork. Each print is slightly different in color and dimension from the other, meaning you get a genuine handmade gem. We stand behind our graphic sublimation process. Our "Love It or Leave It" warranty is there for your satisfaction, and we are confident you'll love your new, unique handmade-in-America ski. Enjoy.

Frenzy just as reliable as my BMW by Thomas G. Shaw
I've skied my Frenzys about 80 days so far this season. A couple of things have impressed me. 1. Very adaptable edge-hold. If I get very high edge-angles early in a turn, they grip nicely on the hardest of Minnesota hardpack. On the other side of the coin, the aren't too "edgy" in soft snow. 2. The turn radius is incredibly adaptable. For an 80mm under foot ski, they will arc a remarkably short-radius turn and quickly let me run out GS turns with no "backlash." Any turn shape is smooth and stable.

These are my work skis. I use them every day but unlike other work skis, the Frenzys are great to go out and play on. The Frenzy's are my daily driver in the same way as my BMW—no weird personality quirks but will do whatever I ask of them. I plan on buying another pair for tele bindings.

The graphics are what everyone notices first. The first day I had them out in November I was riding the lift with a 15 year-old park rat. He looked down and said, "Sick planks dude!" That says it all. Everyone who sees them wants them.

On the down side I have noticed that the top edges are pretty beat up and the unprotected sidewalls are showing some fatigue and big nicks. Oh well.

Thomas G. Shaw
Hyland Snow Sports Academy (Posted on 2/25/13)

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