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Groundhog 14/15

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The classic quiver ski

This is the classic, carvy version of the one-ski-to-do-equal-amounts-of-everything. It’s the hardest ski to get right; it needs to feel like a race ski on groomers and a fat ski on the pow days. The Groundhog is a multi-award winner because it achieves that perfect balance. No matter which day you pull this ski out, you’re going to be smiling. This 100mm all-mountain ripper has plenty of early rise in the tip but a flat, aggressive tail. Its solid bamboo core and full Kevlar layer make it tough, rock resistant, energetic, and versatile.

Razor Cut icon
Razor Cut
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Bamboo Core
Early Rise
Vac Mold
SKI SPECS 159CM 169CM 179CM 189CM
TIP-WAIST-TAIL MM 136-100-121 133-100-120 136-100-121 137-100-123
WEIGHT LBS/PAIR 7.4 7.8 8.8 9.4
TURN RADIUS M 17.2 18.5 19.4 20.5
SPEED RATING 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10

+Boom: 10% Off when you add a binding

When you add a binding and pole to your ski purchase, save big! You can get the Alloy Pole for free, or upgrade for only a few bucks more to a carbon or bamboo pole. Discount will be automatically applied when you add a ski + binding to your shopping cart.

Tyrolia Binding Model DIN Range Add to ski MSRP
PRD 12 DIN 3.5-12 + $199 $275
Attack 13 DIN 4-13 + $199 $275
Attack 16 DIN 5-16 + $329 $425
Adrenalin 13 DIN 4-13 + $379 $475
Adrenalin 16 DIN 5-16 + $449 $550
Ambition 12 DIN 4-12 + $429 $525

Customer Reviews


Seriously, just buy them - Brendan

So I was an idiot and forgot to pick up my mantras before a day up in vt and ended up demoing the woodpeckers. I fell in love with them, but I needed a bit wider for the new snow days. So, untested I bought the groundhogs and it has been awesome ever since. You would think a 'loose' tip would be a bit harder to control but I have never crushed the woods better than this year. Went up to jay peak for a dumper (sorry west of Mississippi we won 2015) and the skis dominated everything I put them on. I ski at Magic a lot in VT and the bumps and cliffs and trees were all handled the same!

Great convo topic too, lots of people like the graphic and are definately intrigued with them being USA. As long as ramp makes skis I will ski on them! Wife will be getting the chickadees soon!!!!

Posted on 3/25/15


Best ski I've ever owned - Steve

I've been skiing for decades and now live and ski in Taos, NM. I've owned countless skis, have skied east to west and have never owned such a marvelous creation.

Posted on 2/24/15


Continually surprised - consistently stoked - Ism

I have yet to find the limits of these skis - I've put well over 100 days on mine in the last 2 years - mostly Utah and B.C.. They'll hold an edge at mach 3 and spring from turn to turn. Springier than a volant! They are light enough to tour for days and strong enough to last for season after season. After 100 days they still ski like day 2. The base is thick - it's fast and holds a great tune. Only downside I've found is the wood sidewall gets eaten up a bit from sloppy skiing - I smoothed mine out with sandpaper and they look good as new.

I've found myself in situations where I should be tumbling end over end - but the groundhogs stayed firmly underfoot. The most lively pair of skis I own and the ones I alway grab when the snow is falling. At least until I get some kapows!

Posted on 9/23/14


WOW! I love them! - John Leitner

In one word—WOW! I love them! I patrol here in Michigan and at first I thought I bought the wrong ski, but after several runs I decided I liked them. After several days on them, I thought I might just really like them. Then we headed out to Colorado and hit the big dump of 3 feet of powder in two days. That's when I found out I love these skis! Bumps, groomed, powder (Michigan ice)—the whole enchilada! These skis perform well and I'm so happy to have them. Just thought you should know!

Posted on 8/8/14


Performed above my expectations - Tom

Got a pair of new Groundhog skis. I used them at Keystone, Alta, and Beaver Mt. out West and at Killington back East. I live in PA and ski hard pack and ice quite often. I have to tell you that your Groundhogs performed above my expectations. They were great in the powder out West and carved just great on the hard pack here in the East. Just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed them this year and look forward to many more years with them. Tom, 59 years old and still ripping.

P.S. Love the fact that they are USA made.

Posted on 8/8/14

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