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Lobstah 2015

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The high-speed snowboard

Ahhhhhh Robstah!!!!!! (Like the Godzilla thing, if that makes us scared then Ahhhhhh Lobstah!!!!!!) Arm yourselves with buttah and lemons! This high-speed traditional camber rocket is designed by Ross Powers, one of the greatest riders ever. He likes going really big and really fast so if you’re scared then run away. The directional shape adds a turbo boosting ingredient for terrifying speeds and jumps. A full bamboo core and full layer of unidirectional carbon gives it the rock solid feel and punch you need for courage.

Bamboo Core icon
Bamboo Core
Early Rise
Vac Mold
BOARD SPECS 152 CM 157 CM 158 CM W 162 CM W 167 CM W
LENGTH CM 151.5 156.5 157.5 162.5 167.5
CONTACT LENGTH CM 113.5 115.5 116.5 121.5 126
LENGTH NOSE/ TAIL 19.5/17.5 21/19.5 21/12 21/19 21/19.5
WIDTH NOSE/ WAIST/ TAIL 28.6/ 24.5/ 28.6 29/ 24.7/ 29 30.2/ 26/ 30.2 30.5/ 26/ 30.5 30.8/ 26.2/ 30.8
RADIUS SIDECUT/ NOSE/ TAIL 7.5/ 34/ 32 7.9/ 37/ 33 7.8/ 37/ 34 8.2/ 37/ 34 8.6/ 37/ 37
STANCE MIN/ MED/ MAX 46/ 52/ 58 52/ 58/ 64 52/ 58/ 64 52/ 58/ 64 52/ 58/ 64
SET BACK 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
SPEED RATING 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10

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Binding Model SIZE Add to snowboard MSRP
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RAMP Expert Binding Large Size Large 10-14 + $199 $275

Customer Reviews


really rock solid, early rise nose and tail is ill - Blondie

The board is a masterpiece of artwork. The top sheet is so different from any material I have seen before!! And the graphics are pretty nice.

The performance of the board... The most firm board I have ever ridden. I had a Burton Operator prior to this, which is supposed to be a firm all mountain board, and until I bought this board... I thought it was pretty stiff, but it doesn't compare to the Lobstah!!

The solid bamboo core looks really good from the side view, and the added carbon fiber layer makes for rock solid Performance.

My first time on the board I fell on my face trying to walk on the tips, but quickly go used to it and began to love the ride.

The early rise nose and tail makes easy work or the pow and even over mashed potatoes. The stiffness and early rise work great together and make gunning it through mid day chop a breeze. I have been really working the butters and the board pops like a pimp when u wanna.

The only reason I gave it a 4 star in value is the cost. I have been astonished by board prices my whole life, and here it is no different.

Posted on 3/4/15

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