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  • The BigBambooski Skiing Official Selection
  • The BigBambooski Skiing Official Selection

The Bigbambooski 14/15

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The playful do-everything bamboo ski

RAMP’s new playful version of the do-equal-amount-of-everything ski is the BigBambooski. The 105mm waist is the perfect platform for going on any trail, in any snow condition. Having a twin tip shape opens the door for tricks and gives it a looser, more fun feel. Skiers ask us all of the time what’s the perfect ski if I only want one pair and want to do everything with it? Can you say BigBambooski? Traditional camber in the center, with a rock-solid bamboo core and full Kevlar layer make it tough, rock resistant, energetic, and versatile.

Razor Cut icon
Razor Cut
Bamboo Core icon
Bamboo Core
Early Rise
Vac Mold
TIP-WAIST-TAIL MM 136-105-131 133-105-133 140-105-136
WEIGHT LBS/PAIR 7.4 7.8 8.8
TURN RADIUS M 16.4 17.22 17.4
SPEED RATING 6-10 6-10 6-10

+Boom: 10% Off when you add a binding

When you add a binding and pole to your ski purchase, save big! You can get the Alloy Pole for free, or upgrade for only a few bucks more to a carbon or bamboo pole. Discount will be automatically applied when you add a ski + binding to your shopping cart.

Tyrolia Binding Model DIN Range Add to ski MSRP
PRD 12 DIN 3.5-12 + $199 $275
Attack 13 DIN 4-13 + $199 $275
Attack 16 DIN 5-16 + $329 $425
Adrenalin 13 DIN 4-13 + $379 $475
Adrenalin 16 DIN 5-16 + $449 $550
Ambition 12 DIN 4-12 + $429 $525
Made in the USA

Customer Reviews


Fun and easy to ski on, but lacking punch - Ism

I've skied the 179 bambooski about 20 days in variable western conditions (i.e. very little ice). I'm 5'11" 140lbs and ski very aggressively. They are fun, predictable, durable and easy to ride ski in most conditions. Complete symmetry from tip to tail makes them great in the park too. A very playful ski that is great in softer snow. Spins, nose butters, and stylish grabs come easily to these skis but there is a definite speed limit. Once beyond that speed everything goes out the window - edge hold is tough to maintain and there just isn't enough stiffness to really power them through hard icy turns (the icier it got the more surfy I had to ride). In powder there just isn't enough tip to ski how I like, even with a 105mm waist. It's a teenager trying to do too much while not quite excelling at anything. They do it all, just not all that well.

Posted on 3/23/15


most fun ski - happy-camper

I recently purchased a pair of demo Big Bambooskis from you. Most fun I have had on a ski! Very lively responsive and stable in all conditions and terrain. Trees, courduroy, slop, and the big bumps of Mary Jane, I have not found anything it won't do. I am a very happy camper and would recommend this ski to those looking for similar results in an all mountain ski!!!!! Thanks again for your excellent customer service and product satisfaction.....

Posted on 3/17/15


Love Bambooskis - ben

Hope you are having a good skiing season. Just to let you know that I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the Big Bamboos. I skied in Engelberg in January and Jackson Hole/Grand Targhee in Feb/early Marchand. The skis floated effortlessly with high manoeuvrability in POW and edged extremely well on hard pack. The rebound in POW was just perfect. I also noticed some admiring eyes from fellow skiers as they had not come across RAMP before. I had not touched my Rossi S3 this season!

Posted on 3/17/15


Energetic and maneuverable - ben

I tested the Big Bamboos on two indoor snow slopes so far. They were highly manoeuvrable for their size, more energetic than my previous Rossi S3 and very good edge hold on hard pack snow. I imagine they will be very stable at high speed and excel in deep POW: something I have to experience next year on real slopes! I am so impressed by the skis so far that I actually recommended them to someone who works in a major ski retail shop in the UK called Snow & Rock. He happens to be a ski instructor. I am very pleased with the skis:))

Posted on 11/17/14

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