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Continued ski testing at Mt. Hood

Friday, July 6, 2012 9:55:40 AM America/Denver

Mt. Hood lenticular cloud

Hello, this is Kilch, President and CESnow. 


We finished another round of tests at Mt. Hood. There was still an amazing amount of snow and an army of camp kids there for racing and freestyle. What a scene. Very cool to see so many athletes on race skis, freestyle skis, and the same race and freestyle snowboard scene riding at such an incredibly high level.


We brought 15 more pairs of skis to test to verify final production constructions, graphic applications, times in the oven, etc. The new core...

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Dialing the ski-making process

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:05:11 PM America/Denver

On the ChairHello, this is Kilch, President and CESnow


We are full speed into the prototyping and testing of our processes in order to begin production in July. With so much flexibility built into our new factory, we can test virtually anything because we can make any structure and shape. We have to take a very methodical approach to this so we keep isolating one single variable. 


Our next Mt. Hood Test is going to be June 28-29. At that point, we have to decide which structures are giving the best perform...

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