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Lobstah 2013
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Lobstah Base

Lobstah 2013


Type: Expert / Pipe / All Mtn
Traditional Camber
Sidecut: 29-24.7-29mm
151cm, 156cm, 157w, 162w, 167w
Speed Range: 6-10

Make waves with the Lobstah—the choice of RAMP athlete and Olympic and X Games Gold medalist Ross Powers. Aggressive park riders love this traditional cambered board for the “pop.” launching big air in the pipe and ripping stable carved turns at speed is what traditional camber offers, and if you like to do these things at the highest level, then the Lobstah is your ride. It’s a keepah!  

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Lobstah 2013 Description

The Pop Camber is the best for launching big air in the pipe or park. With this shape you also get max carving when riding the mountain at speed. A wood-core sandwich, sidewall construction creates a lively feel with rebound and energy and makes the Lobstah highly durable. Handmade in Taiwan 2012/13, handmade in Park City, UT 2013/14.

Love the Lobstah..... by Rick McDonough
Got turned on to Ramp by Ross and family.....but here's a real world, non-pro review:

This board has become my quiver killer. I literally thought something happened to my riding over the summer that I was somehow unaware of, so I loaded my previous fave ride, a Joystick into the truck one day Christmas week, and literally found myself wanting to head to the lot and swap out back to my Lobstah.

I'm not a huge park rail/box rider, so I can't honestly say it kills the metal and plastic features, it very well may. I love to cruise at high speeds, carve and pop turns, air the rollers, surf the sides, tree it up, pop a hip and jib the natural stuff, and for me, this board really delivers. One day after our Christmas week dump I left my pow board home, and found my way into some fresh with the Lobstah, and was surprised at the float and control this board delivered without an uncomfortable lean, that was somewhat unexpected. I'm done drinking the big "b"rand kool aid. Just might add a tumbleweed, next. Nice work, Ramp! (Posted on 1/15/13)
Lobstah by RobDog
Demoed this board in 157cm yesterday at Sunday River in pretty good conditions. I've never ridden a faster board than this, it absolutley rips. I felt like it was taking me for a ride! Incredible board. RAMP is the real deal. (Posted on 1/12/13)
Great Ride by Lindsey Jacobellis
I love this board! I grew up in the parks, pipe and on the boarder cross course and this is a board that can do it all for me. It is very stable at high speeds, and with the traditional camber can give you the snappy rebound that all riders enjoy.

–Lindsey Jacobellis, World Champion SBX (Posted on 1/2/13)
Lobstah board rips by Ross Powers
The Lobstah board rips and is a great all around snowboard. It holds a good edge carving and riding up the walls of the halfpipe. It's also has a solid feel which helps with landings of jumps. Whatever the conditions are this board can hang. I ride this RAMP board the most.

-Ross Powers- National, World, World Cup and Olympic Champion (Posted on 1/2/13)

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