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Tyler Knoles

Tyler Knoles

Production and Western Tech Rep

Tyler is one of the more accomplished competitive big-mountain skiers on our production team. The now retired competitor boasts an impressive resume that includes results in the Freeskiing World Tour and Snowbird Freeskiing Nationals as well as winning the infamous Sickbird Award. After the competition circuit he was a USSA Freestyle coach for 5 years. Somehow he still found time to get an Associates Degree in science and nursing.

When not skiing or snowboarding (he does that, too), Tyler can be found mountain biking or boating. During the summer, he is a part time production staffer at RAMP, and in the winter he is on the road holding demos at numerous resorts in the West. He is most certainly the most gregarious staffer at RAMP, and can probably sell you a ski or snowboard even if you don’t ride. He is known to chat up just about anyone, and is the nicest guy on the planet. (Psst, girls, he’s single).

Tyler enjoys working at RAMP due to “the great people, awesome atmosphere and because making skis is just plain fun!”

Tyler Rides

Rides Kapow

"The Kapow's dimensions give it great balance and versatility, making it a great ski for pow or crud."


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