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Ugly Valley Boys

Ugly Valley Boys


This Utah duo of Ryan Eastlyn (guitar player and songwriter) and Braxton Brandenburg (upright bass player) has managed to do something very hard to achieve. Their band, The Ugly Valley Boys, has managed to make a completely classic sound and feel to their music that comes across in a natural and sincere way that can’t help but remind you of a simpler time. This sound comes alive in their debut album Double Down.

The Ugly Valley Boys classic sound comes, in part, from the musicians’ classic lifestyles. When not performing with the band, Eastlyn is a traditional neon glass blower and bender for a Salt Lake restoration and reproduction neon company Brimley Neon (one of the first neon sign shops in Salt Lake City). Brandenburg practices the classic art of being a barber in his own barbershop located in Salt Lake City. Once you see how these two live their lives, it is easy to tell how that appreciation of tradition comes across in their music.

They were introduced to RAMP in 2013 by the company’s tech rep, Tyler Knoles (a big fan of music in the Greater Salt Lake Area).

Braxton Rides

Rides Groundhog

"Playing the bass, like skiing, takes rhythm. When I ski the Groundhogs, that rhythm comes so naturally, I easily can keep my lines and turning is as easy as just thinking about it!! I love my Groundhogs!! —Braxton Brandenburg "


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